Dr. Jannifer Harper

The Dangers of Not Taking Your Medications

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medication non adherence

As a health care professional dedicated to helping people and communities achieve better health, I would like to take some time to share with you the severe implications of not taking your medications. This is called medication non-adherence in the health care world and there are some staggering facts and statistics regarding the negative implications of not taking your medication.

Dr. Deborah Stewart

ICD-10: Less Than 100 Days Away – June OLF Podcast

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June OLF

If you attended the June 19, 2015 Open Line Friday provider teleconference, you may have received the same messages I heard, which are, as a provider I really need to be getting ready for ICD-10. With less than 103 days to go, get your own house in order and focus on your internal processes; select your top three or so payers and test ICD-10 coded claims with them.

Toni Woods

Florida Blue Recognized for Disability Inclusion

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Leading Florida Health Insurer Among Top-Scoring Companies for Disability Equality Index

 Jacksonville, Fla. –Florida Blue, the leading health insurer in Florida, earned a perfect score on the Disability Equality Index (DEI) survey, confirming the company’s commitment to full inclusion of people with disabilities. The inaugural DEI was a joint initiative of the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) and the U.S. Business Leadership Network (USBLN).

Judith Dupoux

6 Tips to Avoid Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

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Tips to Avoid Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

Summer is a great time to be active outdoors. When it’s hot outside, more blood flows near the skin to help dissipate body heat and cool the body down, keeping your body temperature from rising to dangerous levels. That can mean less blood reaches your muscles, resulting in fatigue. If you are cautious, you can stay healthy and active outdoors, and enjoy the summer.

Cheryl Davis

Prostate Cancer is the Most Common Cancer in American Men

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prostate cancer

June is all about Men’s Health. As with any cancer, the earlier the detection the easier it can be treated and or prevented. The prostate is the walnutsized gland below the bladder that produces some of the fluid in semen. As men age, the prostate can grow larger, sometimes pressing on the bladder or urethra, causing symptoms similar to prostate cancer. This is called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). It is not cancer and can be treated if symptoms become bothersome.

Stephanie Germann

Moving Beyond the Fitness Marketing Hype

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marketing hype

“Get a beach-ready body.” “Get your legs in shape for shorts season.” “Get ready for swimsuit season.” Blah, blah, blah. These are just a few examples of the marketing hype intended to motivate us to workout. I’m not suggesting it’s a bad thing to hype up exercise to motivate the masses. It’s just that I cringe at the hype being focused on our imperfect body parts and how we can get them “swimsuit ready” in just a few short weeks. This plays into the notion that we can target a part of our body and if we just work hard enough, we can make it perfect. Unfortunately, I’m guessing that we’ve all tried that a time or two, only to end up disappointed and frustrated that our efforts didn’t pay off.

Florida Blue

Shade Yourself from the Sun

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shade yourself from the sun

It’s summertime! A cool splash in the pool, boogie boarding at the beach, sunbathing and weekend outings are prime times for sun burns.

The sun emits ultraviolet (UV) rays—even on cloudy days. These rays break down skin cells, eventually making the surface layer stretch, tear and take longer to heal. With constant exposure, the skin develops yellowing, white spots, rough patches and other problems.

Florida Blue

SPF Savvy

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SPF Savvy

Not all sunscreens are the same. New FDA rules for sunscreen labels make it a whole lot easier for you to compare products when you shop for sunscreen. Follow these tips: