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10 Ways to Relieve Stress During the Holidays

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holiday stress tips

December is here. If you are like most people you are probably beginning to feel overwhelmed as you begin to prepare for this month’s festivities. There may be decorating to do, gifts to buy, presents to wrap, parties to attend, family to visit and multiple schedules to accommodate. Add to this the challenges that come with family personalities, fulfilling old traditions, and creating new traditions and we have the perfect recipe for a lot of holiday stress.

Sharon LaSure-Roy

4 Easy Decorating Tips for the Holidays

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Lowering your holiday stress level should include lowering your expectations.   Many of us find that it is a difficult task as we compare our decorating skills, or lack there of to those fabulous images on Pinterest, YouTube or our friends’ Facebook pages.

Florida Blue

[VIDEO] What is Health Care Reform?

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what is health care reform

The new health care law, the Affordable Care Act brings a lot of changes and we know you probably have lots of questions. The video below explains about health care reform and what you need to know about it.

Your Health Insurance Enrollment Questions Answered

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open enrollment

During the open enrollment period, we have many resources to help you with the process. A great resource is visiting one of the Florida Blue retail centers located throughout the state. I recently asked a local Senior Center Director some of the questions you may have as well. Here’s what Nick Tant shared with me regarding health insurance enrollment:

Chef DeJuan

Holiday Appetizers Made Easy by Chef DeJuan

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The word “holiday” is a noun or verb. As a noun, it is defined as “a day of festivity or celebration when no work is done.” Can you imagine that during the holidays, one could really get by without doing any work? I know from experience that lots of work is being done to ensure plenty of days of festivity.

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9 Ways to Minimize Holiday Weight Gain

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stop holiday weight gain

The one thing you don’t want for Christmas is weight gain! Did you know that some studies estimate that Americans gain, on average, five to 11 pounds during the holiday season? What’s more, weight gained during the holidays is very rarely lost. Over time, even a one pound gain adds up to 12 pounds, then 24 pounds, and so on.

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What is a Subsidy? Getting Help Paying for Health Insurance

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what is a subsidy

The new health care reform law, the Affordable Care Act, brings a lot of changes and we know you probably have a lot of questions. So, what is a subsidy and how can it help you pay for health insurance? You may be able to get help paying for part of your health insurance plan. That is called a subsidy. Check out the video below on What is a Subsidy? Getting Help Paying for Health Insurance. It will give you some information on the two types of subsidies, which can help you understand health care reform a little better!