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There’s loyalty, and then there’s absolute loyalty. Jerry Roden, a private attorney from Vero Beach who practices in Fort Pierce, Florida, has been a Florida Blue member since 1991. As his career evolved and he married Cindy, an etiquette consultant, and fathered his son Brice, now thirteen, Jerry always wanted the stability and confidence of keeping Florida Blue as his carrier.

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“I wanted the peace of mind knowing my family was protected”

But a few months ago, reality set in. Their family’s health care coverage was taking more of their monthly income, and they were paying more out-of-pocket for their care.  Jerry reluctantly considered changing providers.

Fortunately, during his research for more affordable coverage, he happened to run into a Florida Blue employee. She encouraged Jerry to talk with the team at a Florida Blue Center and assured him that it would be worth the hour and a half drive to Palm Beach (their nearest location) to do so.

Jerry and Cindy agreed that speaking with someone face-to-face might help answer their questions, so they arranged to meet with CW Hall, a Palm Beach Center sales consultant. Jerry described walking into the Center as a revelation, “It was modern, sophisticated, but still really comfortable. I was immediately put at ease by how friendly everyone was, too.” Sure enough, as CW began to review the Roden family’s needs, they discovered that many of Jerry’s benefits, from a plan he had retained since 1996, were also available in a high-deductible plan – at a fraction of the cost.

“I walked out of there saving $4,500 a year, with a discount program to further offset costs, and still had the confidence that I had the best possible coverage for any medical crisis my family might face. It was a perfect experience.” The fact that he was able to get his car serviced at the same time (“I multi-tasked! The dealer was just down the road!”) was the cherry on top.

Jerry’s story can be your story, too. As we all have to carefully review our budget, let our sales consultants review your current coverage and determine if a more affordable option might save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. And if you’ve never been to a Florida Blue Center, rest assured – our service, care and sales staff are there to help you make sense of health care. Find your nearest location here.

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